Like New Condition w/ Original Case

 How often do you get the opportunity to own an employee guitar ? Commemorating 15 years at PRS, this is Mike Byle's employee guitar. If you don't know who Mike is, here are a few words from friend and luthier Jason Kostal: "Mike Byle was the head luthier at PRS guitars until he recently left after 16 years to take over as the VP of Pearl Works where he handles all of the inlay for PRS. Mike started at PRS after leaving the Navy and has served at every level within the company. After working for years with electric guitars, mike was selected to start the acoustic guitar program and was the head luthier in charge of building every single PRS and private stock acoustic guitar. He is one of a few employees that have been an iconic part of the PRS history. Employee guitars are rare at best, but come at varying levels. A 5 year guitar is essentially a spec guitar with artist appointments available. A 10 year guitar is essentially a private stock instrument with some constraints. Neck, fingerboard, top, color, etc are all customizable but not to the “sky is the limit” type freedom of a true private stock. 15 year guitars are available with all options offered and are the same as a private stock guitar. This is a great opportunity to not only own a private stock instrument but one that was created for a key part of the PRS team and its modern history. "
Rosewood neck, stunning maple top and figured mahogany back, I tried to shoot it with different lights and render it so you can get an idea of how it looks under different light.
Brand new condition, unplayed, beautiful case and all unopened case candy it came with.